Napels Vrijstellingen

- The vehicles of residents in the streets covered by the ban, recognizable from log book or identification document;

- Public transport scheduled and non-scheduled (bus, taxi, car rental with driver in public

- Vehicles carrying disabled with walking ability significantly reduced in possession of the card referred to DMLL.PP. 1176 of 08/06/79, duly issued by the competent authority;

- Vehicles of the Police, Civil Defence, military and civilians with plate and those carrying Ministers of worship that should officiate religious rites;

- Vehicles made ​​payable to public bodies, companies and utility companies of public services, as well as those in emergency call or for the transport of material and / or personnel the execution of works and emergency works and public utility vehicles or payable to companies and / or companies for which it is possible to demonstrate the mandatory nature of the instrumental necessary to achieve the purpose of the company itself operational and economic

(Vehicle owned by the 'company or with special equipment)

- Motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds with a doctor on board in a home visit to emergency calls, as well as those on board with the industry news reporting TV and radio, as well as professional photographers;

- Vehicles carrying subjects with severe medical conditions that require the completion of treatment therapies are strictly systematic periodic, limited in time, upon presentation of health certification and need for systemic therapy and periodic as well as evidence of the public or private or the therapist, where the same treatment is carried out, indicating the days and times of execution;

- Motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds carrying perishable foodstuffs, those of manufacturers of pastry products and manufacturers' floral items used provided delivery of the goods as well as those carrying gas treatment or medication;

- Consulate Vehicles that carry the special plate CC and motor vehicles of Honorary Consuls who report to the side of the plate mark consular numbered form circular, bearing the emblem of the Republic and the initials CC red;

- Vehicles direct to the garage sites on the roads covered by the ban.

- Zero emission electric vehicles and those powered by LPG and natural gas, as well as vehicles that meet Euro 4 and later

- Also excluded krijgen mopeds and 4-stroke motorcycles that meet Euro 2 and above

Deze vrijstellingen worden vermeld voor alleen uw gids, en gelden vanaf juli 2013. Ze zijn niet officieel vertaald. Het origineel op de stad / regionale / nationale website is de enige juiste bron.

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